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Ellie Goulding is on a boat and she's showing off some side nudity

Ellie Goulding was riding around on a yacht in Miami for some reason and you bet your ass the paparazzi caught some pictures for us. Some are going to pay attention to Ellie's bikini body, and while I'm definitely going to do that, my main focus is going towards the idea of wanting to ride around on a f*cking boat vicariously through Ellie. That's basically how I spend my Tuesdays. Anyway, I...

Hilary Duff is busting out in all the right places

Good God, Hilary Duff .  Every new batch of pics that comes out centered around this blonde headed babe, I find myself more and more in lust with her. It's also to note that it's getting hotter and hotter, slowly but surely, out there these days, so I expect to see a lot more Hilary flesh in the next couple months. Honestly, people, this is Hilary's first single summer in a while, so I...

Kate Beckinsale beckons us to her with a booty in leggings combo

There's nothing like a good booty in a pair of leggings to start my morning off…or would it be more along the lines of booty and it's the leggings that are good? In any case, I saw these pictures of a perfectly round little booty in leggings and they are good. Come to find out that booty belongs to none other than Kate Beckinsale , one of the most gorgeous women on the planet. Kate doesn't...

After seeing up-skirts and hotness, I think I'm in 40-Love with Malin Akerman

I really hate sports. They're really boring to watch and if it comes to the apocolypse and I actually find myself playing, I just get sweaty and fall into a seizure. This applies to tennis, however, it features hot girls in short skirts shout-moaning with each other for a while. You have to give credit where credit's due and in this case, I sure do hope that the featured hottie will have many...

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