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Maria Menounos gives the showgirl thing a try

I've never ever seen a showgirls show (I've also never seen the SHOWGIRLS movie, but I think I can live without the latter), but now that I've seen my Greek goddess Maria Menounos all dressed up like she's about to perform the greatest show I've ever seen in my entire life, I can't get it out of my mind. I can just imagine Maria surrounded by dozens of women all dressed down, save for the...

Classic Hotties: Elvira

If there was ever a Classic Hottie more in keeping with the spirit of this time of year, it's Elvira . One part cheesy horror vixen, one part sex kitten, one part insult comic and 100% woman, she's been the embodiment of the sexy horror hottie for over 30 years. By infusing generous helpings of sex into the horror and macabre genres, Elvira and her real life alter ego have built...

Olivia Wilde grants our wishes, dresses as a showgirl

Vanity Fair is known for their ability to blackmail just about any celebrity they damn-well please into joining one of their popular group photoshoots. Coming up is the magazine's "2013 Hollywood Issue" (I thought "Hollywood" was sort an ongoing theme to that magazine, but okay, whatever. Moving on…), which will feature big name celebrities like Ben Affleck, Emma Stone and Bradley...

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