Jessica Alba's attire makes her a Mom I'd Like To...take out for a nice dinner

I usually feel just the slightest bit strange writing about hot celebrities when the pictures I'm covering feature not only them, but their children, as well. Definitely gives me a little bit of an icky feeling. I always try to have an air of chivalry while writing under those circumstances. However, the latest pictures of Jessica Alba are just ridiculous. With a pair of leggings that show...

Sofia Vergara flashes her sides in sexy dress

While so much of me wishes that I could date/marry/touch/stalk gorgeous celebrities such as Sofia Vergara , I'd probably be the worst boyfriend in the world. If ever I was to come into contact with a girl wearing a dress like that, all I'd do is tickle the exposed skin on the side of her dress. I mean, look at that thing. It's like a target waiting for me to attack. It's just asking for it. I...

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