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Natalie Portman is sorta see-through at Thor The Dark World London premiere

November is the place to be if you're going to launch a big movie this year, seeing as how CATCHING FIRE and THOR: THE DARK WORLD are poised to kick major movie ass at the box office. The only person that you might want to feel sorry for might be Vince Vaughn who is once again releasing a silly movie at a super inopportune time (anyone here actually marking their calendars for DELIVERY...

Nina Agdal looks like a sexy taxi cab at the Bebe Campaign launch in NY

She's a really pretty number and if you look long enough at the black and yellow of the dress that Nina Agdal is wearing at the Bebe Fall 2013 #be9to5 Campaign you're going to want to take her for a ride. I understand that beautiful blondes are a dime a dozen in the modeling industry, but there's something fresh and zazzy about Agdal that appears to be missing from so many others out there....

Lady Gaga wears a paper dress to travel by 1959 classic Cadillac Eldorado

Just two days ago, Lady Gaga drove in a car that I'm guessing a bunch of you male readers would love to own - the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado - as she was being driven to her appearance on "Good Morning America" to sing her new song, "Applause," which was released for sale on iTunes on the following Tuesday. The singer has a new 22-year old fashion apprentice who constructed this minimalist dress...

Chloe Moretz turns Hit Girl into Hawt Couture Girl for her Jimmy Kimmel appearance

With the release of KICK-ASS 2 coming up this weekend, it makes sense that the stars of the movie would be making their obligated appearances on all the talk shows and whatnot that they need to. What's cool is that out of everyone in the cast, even McLovin can't get as much attention as Chloe Moretz's fan favorite character, Hit Girl. Chloe was only 12-years old when she filmed the first...

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