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Charlize Theron channels her inner Silk Spectre

Thank goodness for Charlize Theron . I can't deny the overpowering gorgeousness of this woman, but lately, I feel like I haven't' seen anything new and SEXY. It's been new and absolutely beautiful and I have to say that Charlize's face alone is more enchanting than some hotties completely naked, but in my mind, I would think, Damn. What would happen if we got that mama-slappingly...

The Top Ten Sexiest Superheroines

With THOR: THE DARK WORLD kicking some major box office ass over this past weekend, it seems only right to revisit some of the ladies who are just as super in their own powers. Because behind every great man is a man child who wrote his backstory, drew his image and gave that hero a woman whom the artist could never get in real life. May I have my shoe back now?

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