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Megan Fox makes silly faces for fans at Soho Apple Store

Are we ready for Michael Bay's TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES yet? Have you gotten tired of the relentless promotion that mainly features Megan Fox looking like an impossibly beautiful store mannequin? Fox took her turn at being interviewed by the geek squad over at Apple, showing up at their SoHo location, where she made goofy faces (perhaps to continue her quest in getting people to...

Forget Shia, it was all about the Imogen Poots & Aaron Paul love in Berlin

Director Pascal Chaumeil has the great distinction of being an assistant director to Luc Besson on the classic movie, LEON (aka THE PROFESSIONAL). Take that knowledge, his work within the French film industry, an assist from popular novelist Nick Hornby and a cast that includes such greats as Toni Collette, Sam Neill and Pierce Brosnan (not to mention Rosamund Pike, "Breaking Bad"...

Kaley Cuoco looks shocked, awed and gorgeous while winning at the Critics Choice Television Awards

I love me some Kaley Cuoco . She's dated one of her co-stars in the past and yet has an amicable working relationship with him now (Johnny Galecki, just in case you weren't sure which). She's currently dating Superman (ok, the Henry Cavill version if we're getting specific). She goes around town like a regular lass, in from my neck of the woods and often times has me rolling (with laughter!)...

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