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Natalie Portman & Maria Menounos make an interesting red carpet duo

I feel as if I'm getting worse than the tabloid people who report a new Jennifer Aniston pregnancy every 5 minutes. I'm looking at Natalie Portman in her silver dress and thinking the girl might be knocked up again simply because she looks to have gained 3 pounds. Normally Natalie is super-svelte, especially so after she did that ballerina work on BLACK SWAN, so in a way it's nice to see...

Jennifer Aniston's Life of Crime premiere is full of pregnancy rumours

I gotta say, while over the years we've continued to track the abdominal region of Jennifer Aniston with fervent excitement, this is definitely the most pregnant the 45-year old actress has looked to date - without it being a prop belly used in a movie. Since she's on the red carpet for the premiere of her latest, LIFE OF CRIME (where it looks as if Will Forte has finally succumbed to being...

Adams, Bullock, Bell and Blanchett are lovely ladies who lunch

Every year it's the same thing; a bunch of the beautiful people who bring their talents to the big screen get together to rub elbows and pretend to eat gourmet food at the Oscar Luncheon. I might be guessing as to whether or not these super fit women here are not eating but I'm certain that they were taking the luncheon opportunity to look hot, from Kristen Bell in her strappy MILF dress...

Kate Hudson has a blast while having her picture taken in LA

We haven't seen a lot of Kate Hudson as of late, whether that's because she hasn't been booking a lot of high profile acting work or is just taking her time while raising her two children, 9-year old son Ryder (dad is Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson and Kate's former husband) and 2-year old son Bingham (dad is Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy). I understand that these images are a little...

Emmy Rossum and her bedroom eyes sparkle at LA's Philharmonic

For those of you who have the cable channel Showtime, you're going to have to wait until mid-January before episodes from season four of "Shameless," featuring Emmy Rossum and her often naked body. For me, who doesn't happen to have the pay cable station, I've got to wait until December until I can even watch season 3, so I suppose in the meantime we're all lucky that the plucky Fiona is...

It's always a little sunnier when Erin Heatherton is around

So far the only acting credit to her resume is as the "head cheerleader" for that abomination that was the sequel to the other abomination called GROWNUPS, but she's been making plenty of face time in front of the camera as a model for Victoria's Secret and on red carpets, such as the one that was held on Tuesday for the launching of the new seasons of FX Channel's original series (serieses?...

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