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Brie Larson hugging on Edgar Wright sets off my jealous geekette alarms

The better question would be for me to determine which I'm more jealous about: Brie Larson hugging on the hotness that is director Edgar Wright or Wright snugging into the lovely little Miss Envy Adams. I want to mention that the first time I went to see SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD at the New Beverly Cinema, not only was Edgar there but so was Brie and the actress is even better looking in...

Alice Eve is bangin' at the Berlin photocall for Star Trek: Into the Darkness

There are so many times when I wish life were easier for gay men and they could have a soft-spoken, "Couldn't you already figure it out for yourself" type of closet-outing like Zachary Quinto went through. The biggest brouhaha news regarding Jason Collins making the public declaration of his homosexuality should affect his basketball game as much as it would affect whether or...

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