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Face Off: Nathalie Emmanuel vs. Juno Temple

Looked as though the vote was split between Gemma Arterton and Alice Eve in last week's Face Off . They are two high quality hotties, but I maintain a preference for Ms. Arterton. She has so many of the qualities in woman I admire and adore the most. Having her would be as close to paradise as anything I can imagine. Well another FAST & FURIOUS movie is upon us, doing just as...
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BOTB Assassins: Angelina Jolie vs Devon Aoki vs Uma Thurman

I thought it might to fun to take a walk on the the thicker side of the road last week when I matched up three of the top plus sized models but you guys didn't have as strong of a response to those juicy thighs that I do. Or at least, you chose not to speak out about lovin' the chub, aside from three brave souls who deemed Robyn Lawley the hottest of the bunch. I'm still surprised our...
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Face Off: Alexis Bledel vs. Lily Collins

It was kind of a surprise to see Hailee Steinfeld nearly sweep last week's Face Off over Sophie Turner . But then maybe it wasn't such a surprise considering how prolific she's been lately in all her sexy glory. If we were getting a similar heavy dose of Sophie while on the cusp of another season of Game of Thrones or something, things might have easily gone the other way. This...
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Top 6 Movie Strippers That Don't Strip Nude (video)

Most people would probably consider it a shitty thing to find themselves in a titty bar filled with strippers who never really strip out of anything. Such a situation might understandably make one wonder why they were there at all, watching a show which isn't showing anything. Rightly so. However, the situation changes quite a bit when you have famous hotties doing the non-stripping....
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Top 6 Sexiest Femme Fatales (Video)

You ever seen a woman so hot you'd literally risk death just to get with her? Yeah, me neither. Still, they've gotta be out there. After all, the movies seem to be pretty fond of depicting hotties just as likely to blow your brains across the wall as they are to bang your brains out in bed. And as we all know, movies never exaggerate anything. Right? Uhhh, yeah, well, let's...
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Face Off: Natalie Portman vs. Jessica Alba

Hayley Atwell /Agent Carter beat Scarlett Johansson /Black Widow by a slight margin in last week's Face Off . I think that's fair. I'm not as captivated with Scarlett as I used to be, but she's still good enough to make any race against her a close call - even a race with Hayley, who wins every race as far as I'm concerned. This week sees Natalie Portman presenting her...
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Hottest Strip Scenes

If your wife and/or girlfriend or gay buddy disappears at some point next weekend, you'll probably be able to find them at the movie theater for the opening of MAGIC MIKE XXL. Get used to feeling totally inadequate for awhile fellas. I suppose it's apropos. Us guys have plenty of go to movies for female strippers. It's only right that the ladies get in a little cinematic body...
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Hottie Report Card: Jessica Alba

Can you believe we're nearing up to our 100th Hottie Report Card, and we still have yet to observe the student body of  Jessica Alba ? Okay, class, settle down. I know some schmoes out there claim to have grown tired of this hottie over the years, which if you ask me, is complete and utter claptrap! Rubbish! Balderdash, I say! Despite her disappearance from the scene...
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Taylor Swift's Bad Blood posters have an epic Tarantino/Sin City feel

What is up with Taylor Swift these days? While I can't cop to being a fan of her music or following along with the songs she releases (I actively avoid them if I can, they're too hook-y and end up stuck in my head in a bad way), to the point that I thought these posters were for some special event that the Billboard Music Awards were going to feature instead of being a preview into the...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Eva Green

The people have spoken, and according to the results of this year's Golden Schmoes, most of you guys voted Eva Green   for "Best T&A of the Year". Apparently you like your T&A in B&W, because the movie in which Eva rightfully achieved this honor was none other than SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR . Not only did Eva trump every other hottie in this...
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Jessica Alba rang in the new year in a bikini as well

It's funny how the end of the year is stuffed with more celebrities in bikinis than some summer months. None of that crowding into freezing cold city squares with the rest of the smelly masses to watch balls drop for rich and famous hotties like Jessica Alba . Nah, they're going to celebrate another year of having the world at their fingertips in $5000 a night Cabo San Lucas cabanas, complete...
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TGIFs: The Top Ten Most Gif-Worthy Moments of 2014!

The year 2014 may be a thing of the past now, but if there's one thing we've become used to doing with "TGIFs", it's repeating history over and over again, on a loop. That's why today we're bringing you our MOST GIF-WORTHY MOMENTS OF 2014. When taking consideration for gif-able events, of which took place only over the last year, it really puts...
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