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Kate Upton does her own version of the skinny jeans sidewalk stroll

Since when did people in LA start doing all this walking? I keep seeing these pics of hotties strolling around from one cute LA boutique to another, all completely on foot. That was never the case when I lived down there a million years ago. Folks took the car to get the newspaper off the lawn back then. It's like wandering around some trendy Brooklyn neighborhood down there now. But...

Jennifer Lopez butt tortures some skinny jeans

I've spent so much time being irritated with Jennifer Lopez and her whole diva attitude for so long that I now find myself somewhat off put by the idea of her becoming hot again. It seems like a long time since that whole Beniffer thing between her and Ben Affleck, when the horrid inception of GIGLI and way too much media hype almost knocked them both out of stardom forever. Then there was...

Katharine McPhee packs her plentiful posterior into skinny jeans

Well, the last couple weeks haven't been going all that good for nice-assed actress Katharine McPhee since she pulled a Kristen Stewart and got caught having a little public smoochfest with the married director of her latest movie. Katharine has been pretty much in seclusion ever since the photos of this rather ill-advised, broad daylight make out session in front of packs...

Krysten Ritter's pants are almost as tight as her ass

I wonder sometimes why I have such a fascination with Krysten Ritter . I'm usually turned off by woman as skinny and minimally proportioned as she is. Plus the whole hipster band shirt thing just pisses me off. However, she does have her pluses. For one thing, she looks plenty fine in a pair of skinny jeans, particularly from the back. So few people can pull those off and she's clearly one of...

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