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Sofia Vergara's breasts in a swimsuit blow us (and her) away

MODERN FAMILY is over in Sydney, Australia for some reason shooting. If you tuned in earlier , and I know you did, you primarily saw Sofia Vergara shoving things in her mouth. Unfortunately, that's not really going on too much in these pics, however, the writers for the show (bless their hearts) decided it'd be a good move to go to the beach. Excellent, since we all know...

Hottie Clip of the Day: Cast of "Hellcats"

Cheerleaders are sexy. That's pretty much a rule that's been passed down from yesteryear. Who wants to look at unattractive cheerleaders, right? That's why The CW decided to cast a bunch of hotties in their cheerleading show "Hellcats!" For today's Hottie Clip of the Day we've got this cheer routine from the show which features Aly Michalka, Ashley Tisdale, Heather Hemmens and...

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