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Let's get lost in Alexis Ren's bikini body for Indah Swimwear

While I know that you've got to sell the product, I can't be the only one who thinks it's a bit weird that a number of the shots from Alexis Ren's photoshoot for Indah Swimwear don't even feature the lovely model's face. With good reason, I suppose, when you have a love of petite girls in tiny bikinis showing off their bits and pieces, but still, I would have liked to have seen more of...
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Rachel McCord makes surfing sexier in a tiny white bikini

I'm not exactly sure what AnnaLynne McCord's sister Rachel McCord is up to with all of these recent "candid" bikini moments but I'm sure as hell not going to complain about it. While definitely not as naturally or traditionally beautiful as her older sister, Rachel has an infectious personality full of pep as she prances about in the Malibu waves, taking time to pose with her surfboard and...
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Red Bull should pay for the rights to Laura Vandervoort's ass

I should probably disclose that I myself have a tramp stamp, so you won't think that I'm condescending to the tattoo hovering over the perk derriere of former "Smallville" star, Laura Vandervoort . Unlike the wings that the fit blonde sports, I have an entirely different emblem (the BMW logo - no joke) that is more directly related to its source material than Laura's. Still, if Red Bull really...
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Christa B Allen shows off some top notch tuchas in new photoshoot

I certainly hope that the right people are paying attention to this spread by photographer Shaun Guckian. I was a fan of Christa B Allen when she was playing the sweetly naive rich kid on "Revenge," but she seems to be limited in her resume lately, with only a few appearances on that Family Channel show, "Baby Daddy." Not that I mind if it means we get to have these super sexy modeling...
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Krysten Ritter's booty marks the spot in a treasure map bikini

Well, hello now. I had no idea that the former B in 23 had such a rowdy little rump on her. Krysten Ritter took her sweet butt to Cancun for a bit of a vacation. She recently finished up filming "Jessica Jones," her Marvel series that will make its debut on NetFlix in November. I've loved on Ritter since she (and Lake Bell) helped to make the otherwise cringy (I say it's a word, dammit)...
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From the Celebrities are Imperfect Too Files: Guess that Gut!

It's a curious thing, the way that the media plays out a celebrity looking frumpy, either with pictures featuring an actress without the pancake makeup that ANYONE would need to look good in high definition to the tiny bumps that really skinny actresses get when they've actually indulged in a meal without it being steamed fish and brown rice. Food babies, I think they end up being called, after...
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