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Katharine McPhee puts on a bikini show in Cabo

I feel as if we went a long time without seeing much of Katharine McPhee , which was weird seeing as how she was a lead feature on that show "Smash." Sure, the show failed but it seems as if we should have been flooded with hot McPheeness during 2013. Never fear! Since 2014 has shown up we've definitely amped up the KPhee sightings, including this bikinied babe on the beaches of Cabo set of...
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Hot or Not: Megan Hilty

This show they call "Smash," was something I thought was solely a vehicle for the beauty, grace and talent that is Katharine McPhee. Turns out, the lovely brunette has some ambitious blonde competition on the show with her. She's been kicking around the fringe of Hollywood for some time now and I bring her up mainly because one of my friends' moms was heralding how great she is on the...
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Katharine McPhee is spared Jimmy Fallon's cream but not Russell Brand's crotch

I don't have images captured from the moment on the February 4th airing of the Jimmy Fallon show, where you see a very flustered Katharine McPhee trying to avoid sitting on an eager Russell Brand as the former Mr. Katy Perry tried to stay in the main interviewee seat that night. McPhee was on the show to promote her show, "Smash" and its return to the air coming up this spring season, but it...
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Hot or Not: Katharine McPhee

I feel like doing a "duh!" Hot or Not selection this week since the show that she's on is strongly being questioned as to whether or not it's going to make it beyond its return this coming February. Sometimes I do these obvious columns because I really want to look at some awesome pictures of a selected target. I'll spend hours lingering over them, battling within myself which images to...
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