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Mary Elizabeth Winstead and her rump are shining stars at the Dallas International Film Festival

I don't care how many times I've bragged in the past about having met Mary Elizabeth Winstead in person and witnessed first hand just how breathtakingly naturally beautiful she is. I like being able to brag about that. Hell, I'll even rub it in the faces of others. Not only is she gorgeous, she's exceptionally down-to-Earth and very kind. Which is probably what distracted me from realizing...
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Face Off: Ellen Page vs. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

It was a tie game between Naomi Watts and Jennifer Lawrence in last week's Face Off . I can understand that. Naomi has the history, but Jennifer's got the momentum. Plus, they're both hotties in their own rights. Interesting how Jennifer seems to generate so much ire in a few of you though. I agree that she's not a traditional hottie in some respects, but she's clearly hot, talented and...
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Mary Elizabeth Winstead and her cute self are all over the place

Mary Elizabeth Winstead really has been everywhere lately, doing one red carpet event after another and looking fantastic in her own unique way. Anyone else feel like Mary got robbed for an Oscar nom this year for her performance in SMASHED? She did such a fantastic job in the role of the recovering alcoholic and also a real surprise for someone who hasn't had a big string of impressive...
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Sexy TwitPics: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Lately in our weekly "Sexy TwitPics" column, we've been featuring some very voluptuous attention-getters like  Sam Bowden and  Paris Roxanne . But there are plenty of ladies in the industry who qualify as "sexy" without having to cyber-drown us with their rambunctious T&A. In fact, some of the hottest hotties are the ones who don't try so hard, because they don't have to......
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Here's some Mary Elizabeth Winstead perfection to help lift your Spirit

Say what you may, but I could post about almost everything Mary Elizabeth Winstead does and see no problem with it. She seems to get along very well with some of the more funny/cool girls in showbiz, plus she's in the handful of hotties who can wear something tasteful and make it look especially tasty at the same time. She sends butterflies through the stomachs of innocent bystanders...
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