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Ariel Winter's fake tatted bod makes Trigger vroom like it was the 70s

Just to avoid confusion, Trigger is the nickname of The Bandit's car in SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT. It's the very same model 1977 Trans-Am with the screaming chicken hood decal Ariel Winter is resting her fine ass on for these pics from her movie DOG YEARS. Having Burt Reynolds and Trigger on the same set makes me wonder how much of this movie references Burt's actual life. Perhaps they'll be...
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Classic Hotties: Sally Field

If there's one thing the last 40 or 50 years have proven, it's that Sally Field is always going to be around. She's just one of those people no one wants to see go anywhere. It started when she was the plucky teen surfer girl and airborne wife of Jesus, stuck around through her multiple personality experiences, solidified during her time as Burt Reynolds' hot arm candy, became the stuff...
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