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Holy s*!tballs...What else can be said about Hannah Davis and her GQ Mexico spread

I really don't think anything else needs to be said but...I'm going anyway. Hannah Davis is smoking, f*#ckin hot. In her latest stroke of pictorial genius, she makes a strong case for her being a sexual force to be reckoned with. And the photos themselves - oh baby - we get it all; ok, almost all. Side boob, underboob, arm bra, short shorts, boob cleft, panties, elbow pasties, wet...
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Rihanna is smokin'! Literally!

As an ex-cigarette smoker, I've never been one to find smoking particularly sexy. Granted, it doesn't disgust me, it just doesn't really phase me. So I don't really understand why pervy photographer Terry Richardson decided to focus so much on Rihanna exhaling nicotine in this latest photoshoot. She looks cute in some of the pics, but she may as well be plucking her eyebrows in some...
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