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Excuse me, Ms. Perry, but I think you may have dropped something

Dropping something must be the downside to wearing super short schoolgirl dresses like the one Katy Perry was wearing around some Beverly Hills sidewalks this weekend. Downside for the ladies. For the guys, it's the moment we all hope and pray for. And for once our prayers were answered when Katy apparently lost something while getting into her Escalade. She could have easily spoiled this...

Katy Perry smurfs her smurfy smurf in smurfs while smurfing it to her next smurf

It's strange how you can replace most any word with "smurf" and it will still make sense. How the hell does that work? That shit's like magnets. Whatever that is, I'm sure you had no trouble understanding how it referred to Katy Perry and her spandex moment in a parking lot the other day. We've come to expect hot Katy moments to feature those dual overhead cans on her front side,...

Katy Perry is busty in blue & brings her grandma to Smurfs premiere 2!

I spent some time this weekend not worrying about getting my tickets to THE SMURFS 2, but rather watching the show "Raising Hope," which gives me the happy, return of "Malcolm in the Middle," feeling without the self-righteous filminess that Malcolm's character always gave off. One of the episodes, Katy Perry has a delightful cameo in, making a good deal of sense since her best friend,...


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