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Sexy TwitPics: Katy Perry

So did everyone have a Smurfin' good time getting Smurfed up before Smurfing over to the theaters to catch... 2 GUNS ? I know I did. What was that other highly-anticipated Smurf-forsaken movie that just came out? THE WOLVERINE ! Oh, no, I guess the one I'm referring to is (drum roll) THE SMURFS 2 , which didn't perform as well as expected. Perhaps they could've used Denzel Washington...

Katy Perry smurfs her smurfy smurf in smurfs while smurfing it to her next smurf

It's strange how you can replace most any word with "smurf" and it will still make sense. How the hell does that work? That shit's like magnets. Whatever that is, I'm sure you had no trouble understanding how it referred to Katy Perry and her spandex moment in a parking lot the other day. We've come to expect hot Katy moments to feature those dual overhead cans on her front side,...

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