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Top 6 Sexiest Witches in Movies

Historically speaking, witches haven't always been looked at by society as particularly attractive. Apart from the occasional spell cast to make themselves look attractive, they've usually been depicted as nasty hags. It's only in the last half a century or so that the witch has enjoyed a chance of perspective, going from hags to hotties in many TV shows, movies and other...
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Charlize Theron is going to be a mismatch with most folks

Charlize Theron and her current beau Sean Penn have made their relationship public in recent months. Theirs is yet another pairing for which Sean looks totally unsuited to me. It was the same thing with Scarlett Johansson a few years back and pretty much every hottie he's been with going all the way back to Madonna . Dude just doesn't seem like the sort to be pulling in babes like...
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Top 10 Toughest Hotties of 2012

Women in the movies really kicked some major ass this year, whether it was physically or wrecking traumatic emotional damage on someone who felt as if they'd been kicked while they were down at the end of it. Women have show coolness, an ability to get shit done by themselves and essentially held their own strongly against the men who were action stars, especially where the box office dollars...
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