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Georgia May Foote is looking quite titular in Fabulous Magazine

Georgia May Foote came up a couple times earlier this year for just appearing on red carpets looking fantastically adorable. Now she's steaming hot in the pages of Fabulous Magazine, talking about being the sexy, sweet girl next door type in real life as she is on the British soap opera, "Coronation Street." I like the nearly Katy Perry vibe she's got going on in this spread, reminding me of...

Genesis Rodriguez tempts GQ with her delicious fruit

I don't know much about Genesis Rodriguez , apart from the obvious facts - namely that she's hot as hell and is named after my favorite book of the Bible. I also know that she does Spanish and American TV soap operas and was also on Entourage, which explains why I don't know much about her. If there's anything more likely to get me to flip the channel, it's when a soap opera or Entourage is...

Michelle Keegan is a British heartbreaker you might want to look out for

There was some commentary about how the Top 25 babes of 2012 was "monochromatic." The hard, cold fact of the matter is that what sells well in the United States also happens to bring in millions in foreign sales as well. What does this mean from a culture standpoint? Am I just not as educated as I should be on the women of color from other countries? Are their movies funded by movie production...

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