Dulce Maria is one caliente Mexican dish best served spicy

If you had absolutely no idea Dulce Maria was an actress and singer straight out of Mexico whose claim to fame included telenovelas and pop music, don't worry about it. Neither did I, but now we do and isn't life that much more spectacular now that you know about this woman? Exactly. So…you're welcome. I'm also unsure what SoHo magazine is all about. Perhaps I need to read more or perhaps...

Laura Prepon is so hot at the SoHo in London for premiere of OITNB

Between the dress and the jacket, Laura Prepon looks like a guidette flapper girl. Prepon was in London for a special photo op premiere of her hit show "Orange is the New Black." Co-star Taylor Schilling was there as well, the two women a study of lovely contrasts. The show will debut its season season via NetFlix's streaming service on June 6th. As of early in May, we...

Heather Graham is more than just hot at the Just Cavalli opening

Holy guacamole! Heather Graham is looking like a straight up fox. Here we can see her at the opening of Just Cavalli flagship store in New York, and you know what? I have no idea what I just said. Classy stores like Just Cavalli and Gucci and Walmart just don't really apply to a guy like me. When you go dumpster diving to find underwear on a regular basis like I do, you kind of abandon all...

Hayden Panettiere puts her cleavage in the window display at the Red Auction

Newly engaged Hayden Panettiere was all smiles at the charity event held at Sotheby's New York, where she checked out items on display for the Red Auction, held to earn money for cancer research. The 24-year old, who made her engagement to 37-year old boxer Wladimir Klitschko official at the start of October, has been enjoying the success of her current television drama, "Nashville," which...

Rihanna decides to get modest after Miley's Twerkfest at the 2013 VMAs

Actually, I don't know that for sure. I honestly try to avoid the news and pay most of my attention to the entertainment reports that are online. But seeing as how the media has been treating the ridiculous performance (that I swear I did not watch, only look at still images of) of Miley Cyrus at the 2013 VMAs as "real news," I've honestly missed much of what was supposed to be so...

Catalina Londono pays tribute to some of our favorite movies… topless

Well, this should be a fun little treat for movie buffs and fans of boobs alike. SoHo magazine has put together an awe-inspiring collection of images paying tribute to some of Hollywood's landmark movies. The best part: each of them feature a model named Catalina Londono in all her naked glory. Well, not all of it, but you know what I mean. They call it their "Topless...

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