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The Hottie Stop interviews Sophia Myles, star of The Damned & Transformers 4

She was called "London's Prettiest Potty-Mouth" by UK newspaper The Independent in 2006, but that characteristic certainly wasn't evident when I spoke to Sophia Myles a few weeks ago. The actress, who made her presence known to most of the world with her turn as the vampire Erika in 2003's UNDERWORLD, was nothing but sweet, if succinct, during our chat about her latest film, the...

The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Whovian Babes

Perhaps I am unfortunate in the respect that the Whovians of the 2005 to present day drive me absolutely bonkers. I might have been a part of them, I might have been persuaded to come back into the Exterminate! fray, but they're all so... well, seeing as how I'm probably addressing some of them right now, I have my opinion. I also recall a time when Tom Baker was my Doctor, when the show...

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