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Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams keep it sisterly on and off screen

It only makes sense Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are so tight. As two of the surviving descendants of the House of Stark on Game of Thrones , they've essentially grown up together over the course of that shows now 7 seasons. The two of them were at SXSW this weekend, talking about the upcoming new season of the show and what lies in store for the series. My money is on a Mad King...
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Sophie Turner was a red hot, see thru, go-go dancer at Fashion Week

It's been something of a challenge lately sourcing pics of Sophie Turner doing much of anything without her Jonas brother running interference. Seems she feels like she needs to keep him close by, which is understandable. I hear those guys do tend to get around, having pretty the entire female sex at their disposal any time they like. Fortunately we have Photoshop available to us, which...
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Cheers to Sophie Turner's freedom to get obscenely drunk any time she wants

Sophie Turner is modelling for the Giorgio Visconti brand and proving how good she is at outshining expensive jewelry. Sophie just recently celebrated her 21st birthday. Surely a milestone for anyone, although let's be honest here - the festivities celebrating her reaching the US's legal age of imbibement are no doubt a purely symbolic thing. I guarantee this isn't the first time she's...
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BOTB X-Chicks: Jennifer Lawrence vs Sophie Turner vs Zoe Kravitz

Last week, when we took a look at 3 of the top period piece actresses who all seem to court a high amount of favor from you schmoes, Natalie Portman still came out on top, as she usually does. It wasn't by as big of a margin as you would have expected in years past, with her squeaking past Keira Knightley by only one vote. Alicia Vikander is growing on you as well, so if we were to...
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Sophie Turner made the BAFTA red carpet her own personal leg & cleavage show

Well hello there, Sansa. Sophie Turner ain't f*cking around when it comes to showing off that she's a full-fledged adult hottie and not that teenage girl we first met when Game of Thrones started killing off our favorite characters. In less than 2 weeks, Sophie will turn 21-years old, not as important of an age milestone in her native England but a turning point for a lot of...
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Sophie Turner went from cool in blue to red hot this SAG Award weekend

I might just be coming around in regards to Sophie Turner's blonde hair. While I still think that the red looks better because well, red nearly always looks better on girls with paler complexions, when Sophie decided to vamp it up a bit in a red dress at the SAG Awards this weekend, it was a super combo. A day before walking the red carpet, she also proved that the blonde can work really...
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Maisie Williams proves a girl has grown up by going topless on social media

I probably know you're thinking right now; "Droz, isn't that the little kid from Game of Thrones? WTF?" . Yes, this is definitely Maisie Williams , aka Arya Stark, deciding to make bikini tops an optional thing somewheres. Although she's not so little anymore. Sure, Maisie looks 13, but in reality she's actually 19 - just 5 months away from 20. I think many of us forget just how long GoT has...
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Face Off: Hailee Steinfeld vs. Sophie Turner

Unlike some vote tallies made recently, there's not a whole lot of complaining to do about Amy Adams getting the majority vote over Charlize Theron in our previous Face Off installment. I might be a little more in Charlize's column, but the truth is you can't lose with either one. No doubt most of the Harry Potter folks are gonna be all over the upcoming FANTASTIC BEASTS AND...
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Sophie Turner brings out her boobs again for the Frenchies

Sophie Turner is apparently still in the boobies showing off mood while making her way through crowds of adoring French fans at the close of Paris Fashion Week. Makes sense. France is the land of bared titties. One of their national symbols is a chick with her tits popped out, so there you go. Sophie didn't quite make it that far, I'm sorry to say. But she did let that neckline drop pretty...
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Sophie Turner's holey Fashion Week dress brought the holy sideboob

Sophie Turner sported an interesting ensemble for the Luis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week. Seems like the sort of thing you'd see characters wearing in one of those corny early 90s sci-fi movies trying to theorize what fashions would be popular in 2005. Which means we must be living in 90s future now. Hey, bring it on. As long as it has Sophie showing sideboob, I ain't complaining....
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Sophie Turner's Emmy appearance had everyone forgetting about her hair

Once again Game of Thrones was the big winner at this year's Emmy awards. No big surprise. This was a particularly good season of that show, with none of that plot fill bullshit like in past seasons. They finally got wise and crammed it full of plot progression and character development. It seems the showrunners have finally caught on to the fact that they can't keep this show going forever....
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Venice is the perfect place for some Sophie Turner side boob

Thank the seven gods for something called The Kineo Diamanti Ceremony. It was there Sophie Turner claimed her very own Kineo Prize. What's significant about that, I have no idea. But it was important enough to give the Game of Thrones star cause to stun eager onlookers and fellow attendees with some of her milky white side boob. Forgive me if I'm overlooking any past examples,...
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