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Sofia Vergara is our Hottie of the Month for September 2014!

Another month, another accompanying hottie to get us through it, and this time around it's Sofia Vergara . Sure, her voice may be as obnoxious as her body, but Sofia has easily and seamlessly made her way into deserving the title "movie hottie". While other actors have their struggles finding the right role to let them shine, Sofia has been shining for nearly two decades...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Sofia Vergara

If you want to see the highlight of Tom Arnold's career, watch THE STUPIDS. If you want to see the highlight of Kevin Hart's career, watch anything other than SOUL PLANE. I would rather watch SCARY MOVIE 4 than SOUL PLANE. I'd rather put my member in an anthill before having to endure that cinematic slop once again. "Salacious, if you hate the movie so much, why feature...
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MovieHotties 6-Pack: Top Hottest Actresses as Flight Attendants

This week, in honor of Liam Neeson tearing up the skies in NON-STOP, we're bringing you the Hottest Actresses as Flight Attendants! Most of us can appreciate the sexy flight attendant uniform and the ladies included here rock the shit out of their outfits and then some. There's some great selections in there from some known and not so well known flicks, but regardless of the...
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TGIFs: Top 8 Mile-High Hotties (Exclusive)

There's probably a large chunk of people who are looking forward to watching Liam Neeson bitch slap some motherf*ckers in  NON-STOP  this weekend. The majority of the movie takes place on an airplane, so naturally, we're dedicating this TGIFs to "Mile-High Hotties", or otherwise, hotties in planes/helicopters/aircrafts in general. Please, keep in mind,...
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