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I'm willing to travel SXSW to get me some Maggie Grace

Right now, I'm in Dallas on a little vacation. Not two hours away is Austin, where the much-talked about South By Southwest (or SXSW for all you cool cats) is going down. Funny. That means that I'm within two hours of the beautiful, the lovely Maggie Grace . What am I doing? What the hell am I doing? Here I am in the same underwear I've been wearing for the past four days when I...

The many faces of Olivia Wilde at SXSW 2013

Olivia Wilde was all over the place at South By Southwest this year, going to movie premieres and attending the obscure panel discussions. What was more impressive were her rather startling appearance modifications for these various events. Just look at her in these pics. You got that first set where she's kind of laid back with her hair down. Then you have the second set where she's much...

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