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Flashback Friday: Lucy Lawless always returns

Lucy Lawless has been following me around lately. And not just because of all the hype around her new shows, like Ash vs. Evil Dead . I also started binge watching Xena: Warrior Princess on Netflix a few weeks back and she literally just showed up at random on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm tonight. Clearly some higher power is trying to put Lucy in mind. That's a redundant...
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The Hottie Stop interviews Katrina Law star of Arrow and Death Valley!

New Jersey native Katrina Law is currently kicking all kinds of ass on The CW's hit superhero show Arrow, in which she plays the very formidable Nyssa al Ghul. She had already earned fanboy cred a few years ago thanks to her role as Mira in Spartacus: War of the Damned, and this October she'll be seen surviving the harshest of elements in Death Valley , a thriller set in the...
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Jaime Murray is a defiantly raven-haired ravisher

We've wrapped up yet another Comic-Con. Plenty of great moments, lots of tantalizing news about upcoming projects. And most importantly, tons of hotties both on the panels and on the show floor. Going through the list of all the fine hotties who showed up to promote their projects, one of my favorites this year and every year is the enchanting Jaime Murray , who was talking about her show...
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Battle of the Babes #249: Lucy Lawless vs Kathleen Robertson vs Olga Kurylenko

It seems that the gingers are a ruling class, after watching how Deborah Ann Woll took down the other HBO competition last week, securing herself a place in the semi-finals of the hottest babes on TV. Will the same happen for the redhead this week?Or is it that you prefer your babes darker, older, different kinda lovelier? Kathleen Robertson I cannot say that I am...
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