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Movie Hotties Six Pack: Sexiest Movie Aliens

I wonder sometimes - would I f*ck an alien? Not a slimy or a big head alien, but like, you know, a hot one. I don't know. Sure, they might look hot, but how could you ever truly get past the alien living underneath that human skin suit? The answer to that question are the 6 hotties we got for you today. I'm pretty sure they're all worth the risk of having an ovipositor rammed down your...
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Face Off: Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body vs. Natasha Henstridge in Species

Ya'll elected Jaimie Alexander as your favorite skinny hottie over Keira Knightley in our previous Face Off . That's a fair assessment in everything except for career, as many of you who voted for Jaimie conceded. I do agree that we should see more of Jaimie. Seems inexplicable that we don't. Well it's Halloween again, that time of year when many of us are in the mood for creepy...
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Natasha Henstridge looks different now

A few years back, when Natasha Henstridge started having kids, she made the decision to stop pursuing that perfect body we all remember from back in her SPECIES days. Being a wife and mother was apparently more important to her than maintaining a perfectly flat stomach and tight ass. The effect there is somewhat startling when you remember the Natasha that was. It is kind of...
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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Hottest Movie Creature Babes

This time around on the 6-pack we've compiled 6 of the hottest Movie Monster Babes. Yes, those lovely ladies we can't help but desire, despite the fact that they'll rip you apart or transform into some hideous creature. Expect so see some goodies from such ladies as Salma Hayek and Megan Fox . Check out the complete list below! As always, give us your ideas for upcoming...
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