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Mary Elizabeth Winstead works her Film Festival magic in Los Angeles where she was handing out awards

I swore I would bring it up every time I got the chance, and here's me with another chance to say that I've met Mary Elizabeth Winstead in person and photos, either candid or photoshopped, do not do justice to how strikingly beautiful she is. I feel it's especially important to point that out now, seeing as how she was dressed kinda dour while presenting awards at the Los Angeles Film...
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Here's some Mary Elizabeth Winstead perfection to help lift your Spirit

Say what you may, but I could post about almost everything Mary Elizabeth Winstead does and see no problem with it. She seems to get along very well with some of the more funny/cool girls in showbiz, plus she's in the handful of hotties who can wear something tasteful and make it look especially tasty at the same time. She sends butterflies through the stomachs of innocent bystanders...
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