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Katherine Webb's ass helps her hang on to relevancy a bit longer

I don't know how much longer we'll have cause to mention Katherine Webb as someone within or even approaching relevancy. I suspect the alarm is about to go off on her 15-minute clock any time now. Or she could endure indefinitely as one of those "famous for nothing" people. I suppose it all depends on how skillful her representation is and how intact she keeps that fine ass of hers. Whatever...

Katherine Webb in a bikini, because life is too short

You all remember Katherine Webb for that whole Brent Musburger escapade, in which he made remarks about her similar to the ones your pervy uncle makes about your new girlfriend at Thanksgiving dinner, right? How could you forget? It was a mountain made out of the tiniest molehill, being talked about all over the internet like a Barbara Bush sex tape. Since then, things have obviously worked...

Katherine Webb is still looking for creative ways to fall into water

Sports announcer sexual fantasy fodder Katherine Webb is still doing training for her diving show Splash (I can't believe that is a real thing that's happening) in LA, though this time she seems to be doing a lot more bending over for various reasons. I can see what Musburger was all excited about. Girl is fun to look at. Having hotties like Katherine getting wet seems like a good idea, but...

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