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Brazillian babe Camilla Gimenez proves that her country is already a winner

Lots of talk going around about all the controversies and anger roused by the excesses and greed that invariably circulate around these World Cup events. The issue there is basically about the people currently languishing in favela slums with no future or stake in their own society, questioning why their government is spending billions on stadiums that will be used a couple times and then...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Izabella Miko

MILLION DOLLAR ARM will be hitting theaters today, although thanks to a particular giant lizard, it's not expected to hit a home run at the box office. Still, it's bound to bring in some decent cash, so let's tip our hat to the film with a clip of the foxy Izabella Miko playing baseball. I often forget about this ridiculously hot scene from COYOTE UGLY, probably because a...
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