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Kimberley Garner keeps her tight little bum in shape with a jog in Ibiza

Most of the people who seem familiar with Kimberley Garner have referred to her as being a spoiled rich girl, along the lines of a Paris Hilton or one of the baby JenDashians. I really don't know much about her other than the fact that she's been popping up on both UK and US gossip sites for the past couple of years, her face adorable and nearly always smiling broadly, her skinny girl booty...

Irina Shayk is probably the only person who doesn't look hideous while jogging

I've seen a lot of pictures of otherwise super-hot celebrities jogging and let me tell you - that particular cardiovascular activity is the great equalizer when it comes to aesthetic hotness, seeing as how most everyone who is snapped doing it looks a shade retarded in the resulting images. The only mouth gaping for air, the pressure and force of the universe pressing soft skin into odd shapes....

Irina Shayk works up a sweat with her friend Victoria

We've been showing off different kinds of pics from super model hottie Irina Shayk lately, from candid stuff to magazine spreads. Irina is hot in anything she does, but I think I'm more partial to the candid stuff. There's so much I enjoy about Irina, but the thing these pics illustrate is how much more real she is than many of her model compatriots. For instance, she's got a little tummy...

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