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Warm Caribbean waters make Hannah Davis' boobs want to come out

This impetus toward boob release is a well known phenomenon when boobs approach pristine waters and sandy beaches. Not all boobs are alike though. Take Hannah Davis' boobs. Clearly a superior class of boobies if there ever was one. Which is why these boobs are currently getting handled by multi-millionaire baseball legends rather than some broke ass bum like your humble news editor here....
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SI model Nina Agdal on the beach is the perfect start to your weekend!

23-year-old Danish model Nina Agdal – you might remember her from the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover – is a sexy, young treat for this fine Friday (or any day). I don’t quite understand why some of these images are black and white, because they aren’t classy – they’re sexy. But, perhaps it’s to suggest that Nina’s so timelessly hot that...
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Hottie Report Card: Kate Upton

We all knew a report card for America's busiest model Kate Upton was coming eventually, and since she'll be supporting Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann in THE OTHER WOMAN this weekend, there's no better time than today. Now, I realize that just because Kate is one of the world's most known figures in the modeling industry today, she's not everyone's cup of...
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This is, perhaps, the best photo spread Kate Upton has ever done

We've done a Kate Upton story almost every day this week, so we might as well stick with it now that the work week is almost over. Today's post is special because it features some captures of Kate that make her look about as good as she's ever looked, at least in this man's opinion. There's a reason for that though, as by the look of her in these pics, I'd say they were taken a few years...
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