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One arm can barely keep Ashley Graham's bare boobs contained

Supposedly Ashley Graham's sort of nude spread in this month's Grazia UK magazine is for members only. Fortunately nothing stays secret on the internet for long - especially when it involves fine ass hotties like Ashley taking it all off. It must be a real challenge for her to keep those big ol' titties contained like she is here. In fact, it looks like Ashley could use some...
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Milana Vayntrub playing with her balloons is the dopeness

We featured some shots of Milana Vayntrub's recent photoshoot for Dopeness magazine earlier in the year. Now comes the official spread, which just like everything else associated with Milana, is perfectly, adorably, sexily, delightfully perfect. Honestly, I could talk about this girl endlessly and never get tired of it. Rarely am I given to this degree of obsession over a celebrity....
4 days ago
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Mary Elizabeth Winstead ushers in Autumn by taking off her clothes

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for Fall to get here. I'm weird in that summer always gets me down. Give me cold temps and leaves of red and gold any time. It's a great time of year, now made better by Mary Elizabeth Winstead's decision to go sans clothing (almost) for her spread in VVV magazine's fall edition. Mary is a treat any time of the year and in any state of dress, but it...
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What? More Victoria Justice? Hey, you know we never get tired of her

Like so many frequently seen faces around here, there's way more Victoria Justice content we ignore than post. I know that's probably hard to believe, considering how frequent a sight around here she can be. It's the truth though. Fortunately she's like pizza, or beer, or most things with Bill Murray in them - they never get old. I could look at her sweet, sweet face all day long and be...
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Devin Brugman & Natasha Oakley do their busty bikini thing in Esquire

I suppose it was inevitable if Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman did enough busty beach walks in Miami, their efforts would eventually get noticed by the sorts of publications who make their bones on showing off tits. I'm not talking about Playboy or Maxim. There are plenty of other publications that make good use out of boobies, namely the big fashion mags. They change the equation by...
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Let's take an Ocean Drive with Katharine McPhee

Everybody's favorite songbird/crime show star Katharine McPhee has a spread in Ocean Drive magazine this month, wherein she once again looks damn amazing. And as usual, they left many of the best shots out of the final spread. They were kind enough to post a BTS video along with the article and photo spread which gives us a glimpse of a few of these missing shots, one of which is the...
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Rachel Weisz gets back to her natural hotness

Rachel Weisz has a new spread in The Edit magazine, wherein she discusses her relationship with (former?) James Bond as well as the struggles she has as an actress at 46, which is just nutty. For one thing, she doesn't look her age. If it came out she was tacking on a decade to her age, I'd believe it completely. I'm also amazed she has any trouble as an actress. There's no issue with her...
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Ana de Armas is the literal new hotness in Hollywood

It seems like the phenomenon of relatively unknown foreign actresses suddenly rocketing to mainstream prominence is increasing in Hollywood. We saw this happen recently with Alicia Vikander , who seemed to go from obscure Swedish actress to Oscar winner in barely a year's time. Could be the next iteration of this rapid rise is Cuban hottie Ana de Armas , who has a role in this week's HANDS...
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Chloe Moretz is a sexy fashion victim in this month's Glamour UK

I find it kind of funny how these fashion mags keep tapping Chloe Moretz to be their celebrity cover model for the various fashions they hock. She never shows much of an interest in being a fashion-minded person in real life. You see her pretty much anywhere and it's always tights or shorts or sweats. She's nothing at all like the trendy person dressed in high-priced finery they make her...
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It's a strange thing to see Winona Ryder playing the mom

Like many folks with a Netflix account, I've been watching episodes of their new show Stranger Things . It's a well made mix of frighting and also heartening homages to folks my age who grew up in the 80s and remember those days with fondness. In fact the whole show is something akin to a John Hughes movie, E.T., and The X-Files swirled together to produce a whole new premise. It's a good...
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Carmella Rose does what she does best in a series of sexy swimsuits

I'm not sure why it is that all the mid-tier models seem to be engaged in the most exciting imagery. Well, actually I do know why. It's because they're more apt to do the kinds of sultry spreads the companies who hire them know will turn heads and make people notice. I guess the real question is why the bigger names don't seem to draw the eye quite as well as Carmella Rose does for me and...
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Eva Green is gypsy chic in this month's Glamour Italy

"Gypsy Chic" is a most appropriate name for the look Eva Green has in this Glamour Italy spread, as well as pretty much everything she's done for over a decade now. She's naturally given toward a magical temptress look, which she has carefully crafted and enhanced to maximum effect both in her various roles and as a hottie in general. Speaking of her roles, I was disappointed to see her...
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