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Time for more Candice Swanepoel bikini candids

What's it been, like a couple weeks since the last round of candids from a Candice Swanepoel Victoria's Secret photoshoot? I was starting to wonder if there was a problem. Maybe they couldn't get the Mohito mixer working properly or they got the 75-foot yacht rather than the 100-foot yacht they ordered. Such disasters. Candice is doing this very thing so often, I can never picture her...

Julianne Hough plays in the waters of St Barts while on holiday with Seacrest

I sing the praises of Julianne Hough on a regular basis, because, well... she deserves to have them noticed. While shes' on the red carpets, promoting movies and other things she's involved in, the young star is slathered in heavy make-up to create the image that her people want the masses to see. Sadly, it's an unrealistic one and it's pretty stupid at that considering that whenever Julianne...

The Stephanie Seymour holiday bikini party goes on

How did your New Year celebrations go? Did you eat a lot and drink a lot and have fun at your party? Yeah, good times. Me, I snuggled up to a bottle of booze in a darkened room and spent the night attempting to sext ex-lovers - which in that sense didn't make it much different from any other night. But let's not dwell on my joyous New Year revelries. Let's enjoy the ageless wonder that is...

Candice Swanepoel is still hard at work in paradise

Those folks down in St. Barts got it tough, don't they? Look at all these hard-working people, toiling away in the hot sun. If there was any video of this Victoria's Secret shoot, I might expect to hear chain gang songs coming from folks like your #17 on our Top 25 of 2012 list , Candice Swanepoel as she goes about her grueling day of sipping mimosas, laying in the sun and being waited on...


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