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Stacey Dash and her immortal hotness kill it at the American Sniper premiere

I was just speaking about people who never get old in that Emily Kinney article. I suspect Stacey Dash might be the first of that new, forever young variety of humans to emerge from the gene pool. Stacey turns 48 in a few weeks. Which means she was just a biscuit below 30 when she did CLUELESS all those centuries ago. Amazing to think that the girl playing bestie to a high school age...
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Emmy after party babes include a Vergara nipslip & panty-less Patton

Let me see if I can recap the 2014 Emmys for everyone. The In Memorandum section of the broadcast really sucked, reminding us of all those people we've loved for years who will no longer be making awesome stuff anymore, including a heartwrenching tribute to Robin Williams from Billy Crystal. "Breaking Bad" and "Modern Family" won everything except for the Sheldon Cooper...
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Hot celebrities strip down for a good cause, and for you, too, but mostly for a good cause

While I can understand the agreement that breast cancer research has been overly-sexualized, I'm not really intelligent enough to be debating such topics. In the end, though, if it raises awareness and a little bit of money, that's probably for the best, ya know? Anyway, photographer T.J. Scott took a tragedy and made it into something constructive (and sexy). Among PLENTY of others,...
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The Top Ten Hottest Babes over 40

Call the the top ten hottest women in Hollywood over the age of 40 who AREN'T Halle Berry. I am missing a ton here, I know that, as women continue to maintain and retain their looks much longer than those from the past, but ugly on the inside just didn't trump it for me in this installment of the Sexy Ten Spot. Sorry Halle, might want to work on some crazy crunches instead of your abs. And on...
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The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Celeb Playboy Bunnies

Feliz dia de los conejos! Yeah, that's my gringa Spanish for telling y'all Happy Easter by referring to it as the day of the bunnies. Good thing for you is that I've decided to bump up your usual weekly dose of Sexy Ten Spot and feature a list of the hottest celebrity Playboy bunnies (even if they don't get the ears, they qualify for honorable bunny status by appearing in the magazine). Now for...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Vivica A. Fox

Vivica A. Fox. Damn. This woman just oozes sexy. Want proof? Check out these scenes from the 2006 comedy GETTING PLAYED. Here we have the lovely Vivica A. Fox in a few different scenes from the flick sporting several different, yet equally sexy, lingerie outfits. That's right folks, Fox is our Hottie Clip of the Day! So what are you waiting for? Scroll on down below and have fun!...
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