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Jessica Alba is so hot it's got me seeing red

Remember when everyone and their mom was all over any piece of Jessica Alba news they could get their hands on? Yeah, she was at her height around SIN CITY and GOOD LUCK CHUCK , but soon afterwards, she kind of fell off the map. That's not supposed to sound mean, or anything. When you're a movie star, it f*cking happens. I get it. Not to mention she popped out a baby and is now a...

Hilary Duff continues her ascension of the stairs of hotness

Normally when I'm checking out a girl, I start with her head and go all the way down. I'm, of course, vey casual and subtle when doing this, so by the time they even realize what I'm doing, I've either continued on my merry way or have swept them off their feet and have taken them to Taco Bell for a romantic evening. If, however, I were to ever bump into Hilary Duff looking like this, it...

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