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BOTB Cute Coppers: Reese Witherspoon vs Sophia Bush vs Stana Katic

There's never a big response when I do a male centric version of Battle of the Babes, but I had thought more of you would want to weigh on the men of AVENGERS. You're either a Hulk man or a Thor guy, seems like. For this week, since we're all going to pretend that HOT PURSUIT doesn't look like some weird throwback to the days of Bette Midler & Shelley Long making a caper flick, how...
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Hotties show well-dressed spirit at the 2015 Independent Spirit Awards

In case you were overloaded with all of the Oscar jazz (Redmayne?!?!? REALLY?!?!?!), there were other events over the weekend to take some of the pressure off, including the 30th annual Film Independent Spirit Awards, where the hot ladies in attendance still got to dress up but to a lesser, more casual, indie degree. (Could I have made that more of a run-on sentence?) Probably the highlight of...
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Stana Katic is a bird in white at the White Bird in a Blizzard premiere

Gregg Araki's latest film stars a whole lot of people, but Stana Katic isn't one of them. She wasn't going to let that stop her from attending the Los Angeles premiere of the movie, however, showing up looking fantastic in white as she posed for pictures. The movie is headed by girl-of-the-moment, Shailene Woodley but boasts a cast with Eva Green, Angela Bassett, Sheryl Lee, Thomas Jane...
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Stana Katic is good for the environment

I would love to be able to join on the anti-gas trend, if only hybrid cars weren't still so expensive. If we're going to make saving the planet more plausible, they're going to have to do something to make it slightly more affordable for those of us lunks who don't want to pursue a higher education in hopes that it will transform itself into a lucrative career. For once, it IS nice, however,...
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Stana Katic brings the glamour to the Walt Disney Concert Hall

With the ludicrous story line currently running at the start of the new season of "Castle," I'm finding it much more appealing to check out its star, Stana Katic in this silky, backless black gown as she attended a concert by the LA Philharmonic at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Katic really doesn't get the mainstream attention that she deserves. While she's rarely seen in other productions...
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The Top Ten Bad Ass Female Role Models

I can't take credit for this top ten list. I had help this week from Olivia, a teen in my life who was kinda disappointed with how much DIVERGENT was selling itself as a teen girl empowerment trip when there were so many other female characters who were bigger badasses. This is the list that Olivia compiled for me and her explanations as to why these hotties are the top ten best B ad A ss...
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BOTB Lois Lane Edition: Amy Adams vs Erica Durance vs Stana Katic

Last week it wasn't a huge surprise that you voted Kate Beckinsale's Selene your favorite vampire babe. At this point in the game, it's near impossible for anyone to beat Becks, even with the stiffy-inducing competition such as Bellucci and Liu. This week, I wanted to semi-touch all the Gotham show casting talk that's been going down, even if it's revolved around the dudes so far. The...
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Stana Katic makes Quincy Jones a happy man at the premiere of Mandela Long Walk to Freedom

Is Quincy Jones looking for wife number four? He certainly looks happy to be posing for pictures with "Castle" star, Stana Katic outside of the Los Angeles premiere of the film MANDELA: LONG WALK TO FREEDOM (which happens to star the irrepressibly sexy Idris Elba). But it might be that with her hair styled that way and the bright orange and well-cut Stella McCartney dress that she's got on...
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A bevy of beauties show up to the Lone Ranger premiere in Anaheim

With the busy summer movie market wide on display, this is about the time that things get aggressive. Pixar has a strangle-hold on all things merchandise-able, being that it's coming off a built-in popular original flick and well, it's monsters and little kids. Tell me what you can't market to a child under the age of 100. You can go with muscle-mass and have the pretty boys act out superhero...
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Battle of the Babes #251: Lucy Liu vs Jenna Fischer vs Stana Katic

Here's where I get to start pointing blame at you guys if you don't like the Battles for the upcoming weeks. Why's that? Because we've finally reached the semi-finals on the hottest babes on TV, and you all are the ones who crowned each of these ladies tops for ABC, NBC and CBS. For the major network win, who of these three will it be? Remember, whoever comes out the winner here moves on...
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The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Couch Potatoes

I missed St. Patrick's Day in the sense that I didn't eat cabbage or corned beef or even mashed potatoes. I didn't drink (early hours at the day job) and I was in bed by 11:30pm. It made me think about how I spent the hour before bed, sprawled lazily on the couch, reading a book, and then I thought... coach potato. Potatoes are Irish. I can make that a Ten Spot, right?
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Battle of the Babes #245: Emily VanCamp vs Stana Katic vs Sofia Vergara

While Lucy Liu only bested her Cuoco rival by one vote a couple weeks back, last week it was a near total landslide for Jenna Fischer as she grabbed up over 20 votes to her other NBC rival hotties paltry handful. Now it's time to focus on the last of the three most established networks: ABC! Will it be easy as 123? Emily VanCamp Emily VanCamp is still a relatively...
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