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Selena Gomez knocked me out with her legs and has me seeing stars

Yes. YES! After yesterday's run in with Selena Gomez wearing some seriously 60's pants, we have her coming up today wearing some seriously short shorts. Everything is finally right with the world. Everything is as it should be. The doves can finally fly without trouble. The children can be happy once again. Okay, so they're jus shorts, but still. I was worried we weren't...

Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum and other hotties stand up to cancer

There's nothing like a good, charitable event to bring hotties and celebrities alike together for one awesome hottie party. Some of the hotties that decided to show up include Heidi Klum , Reese Witherspoon , Jessica Alba , Diane Kruger , Anna Kendrick , Selena Gomez and Zooey Deschanel . Everyone knows that cancer's greatest weakness is hotties and with the likes of these women...

Jessica Parker Kennedy puts on her black bra and sails the pages of Complex

Anyone here tune into watch the Starz original program, "Black Sails" over this weekend? I was too busy working and really just not giving a crap over whether or not creepy Jody from "Shameless" made a good pirate or not. As for the show's other eye candy, cute Canadian babe Jessica Parker Kennedy had already shown up in her sexy lingerie for a photo shoot with...

Victoria Justice in a short black skirt is very impressive

I gotta be straight up and just say that I'm a f*cking Nickelodeon fan. While others at that age were more inclined to watch Cartoon Network and The Disney Channel , you just can't beat shit like HEY ARNOLD, RUGRATS, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS (the old stuff, of course) and the like. I finally got to that age, though, that watching Nickelodeon all day started to get a little creepy, so...

Katy Perry is doing it for our country's kids

I like Katy Perry . Please don't ever get me wrong on that. And I've been known to take a kid to a KP concert because I'm cool like that. I think she's fun and silly as a performer and out of everyone doing goofy crap on stage these days, she's most definitely a fine-tuned performer who know what her audience is looking for. What I question is why she would be a hot commodity to those of the...

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