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I'm hungry to play some games with English hottie Laura Haddock

There were plenty of fine hotties at the London premiere of THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE last night. Still, my eye was firmly caught by the likes of English hottie Laura Haddock and her hot ass in that tight dress. You might recognize Laura from her role as Lucrezia Donati on the Starz show Da Vinci's Demons. She plays Leonardo's shady mistress on the show and has been one of my primary...

Battle of the Babes #254: FINALS!! Jenna Fischer vs Lauren Cohan vs Olga Kurylenko

I want to give some acknowledgement to all of you for being so actively involved in the recent battles that have been going on for the past couple of months. It's taken a long time to whittle down 3 of the hottest women on the basic cable channels, the other than the big 3 cable channels and the pay to view their potential nudity channels. Kaley Cuoco was beaten out by the closest...

Battle of the Babes #249: Lucy Lawless vs Kathleen Robertson vs Olga Kurylenko

It seems that the gingers are a ruling class, after watching how Deborah Ann Woll took down the other HBO competition last week, securing herself a place in the semi-finals of the hottest babes on TV. Will the same happen for the redhead this week?Or is it that you prefer your babes darker, older, different kinda lovelier? Kathleen Robertson I cannot say that I am...

Olga Kurylenko stuns the TCA Winter Panel for Magic City

If you look closely at Olga Kurylenko with the cast of the Starz series "Magic City," as they were promoting it during the TCAs Winter 2013 panels, you can see that the actress is wearing next to no make-up whatsoever. She is quiet and polite when others are talking, listening in when someone is communicating a point about the show, and laughing as she engages in the questions targeted at the...

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