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Elizabeth Olsen is hella beautiful in Stella magazine and everywhere else

There were a number of things I quickly began musing on or just trying to work out as soon as the credits rolled on AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. For instance, how would sex with a dude who turns into a gigantic, green, unstoppable murder machine whenever he gets excited, really work. What was the deal with Thor's dream bath in the cave? And where exactly does somebody "mothball" a gigantic,...
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Vanessa Hudgens and her sister, Stella, double up on the post work out hotness

I love finding out hotties have sisters. It's like finding out the cheeseburger you just ordered came with free french fries and ice cream. Or maybe that feeling just pertains to me. I don't know. I'm hungry… Anyway, Vanessa Hudgens  and her post work out pictures were always typically enjoyable, but now we have a companion with Vanessa while she works 'dem hips:...
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