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Is Stephanie Fantauzzi from "Shameless" the ultimate Fantauzzi woman?

Anyone who watches "Shameless" on a frequent basis should know who Stephanie Fantauzzi is. This St. Patty's Day-born hottie has has been playing a recurring character on the program since 2011, the daughter of a Brazilian drug lord, Estefania. She's shown a fair amount of hottie chops on the show, including some "shameless" sex scenes, but she first appeared on shows like MTV's "Death...

Hottie Clip of the Day: Stephanie Fantauzzi

I've recently got into Showtime's hit dramedy "Shameless" and I find myself wondering what took so long. As much as I'm digging the show I have one gripe. I want more Stephanie Fantauzzi! I understand I'm not finished with Season 2 yet and all but I don't care. I just want more of her! And you will too after checking out today's Hottie Clip of the Day, in which Fantauzzi struts...

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