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Married life hasn't taken the silly out of Alexa Vega

I live near Santa Barbara, California and let me testify that it's a silly, happy, goofy and gay sorta place, where stars such as Alexa Vega can attend the 29th Annual Santa Barbara Film Festival and make faces in complete comfort of knowing that there will be plenty of people to accept them for how they are. The former SPY KIDS star got married to a Nickelodeon star just last month and...

Nina Agdal is a pleasure at Seven Deadly Sins

In case you're one of those anti-hot-chicks-eating-Carl's-Jr-burgers people, I think there's a potential to convert you to the side where the rest of us understand they don't really eat any of the food from there, let alone gulp down the sugary beverage options and just want to savor the view . If you're now down with looking at Nina Agdal in her Carl's Jr ads, remember that she's one...

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