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Alexandra Daddario offers another dose of her big boobs *UPDATED WITH VIDEO

I will forever be fascinated with anything where Alexandra Daddario shows us her beautifully big-titty nature, like in this small spread in The Stndrd magazine or the even smaller spread she has in Details magazine. That said, I have to broach the subject of how little we see Alexandra in such spreads. Why is that, magazine people? If there was ever a woman suited to be on the cover of...
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Jamie Chung sets the Stndrd pretty high

Here's a hottie we don't see nearly enough of. It's perhaps not a surprise that Jamie Chung isn't in a lot of high profile movies or TV. Being an alum of The Real World has never been a viable parlay into respected acting careers. That's probably why she remains humble compared to some in Hollywood. You'd think she neing so cute and fun would afford her a healthy career doing things like...
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Lauren Cohan meets my Stndrd for zombie-killing hotties

Did you watch last night's episode of The Walking Dead? F*cking hell. Was that some depressing shit or what? I foresaw something bad coming for those kids, but they just got brutal with it. That show is often pretty heavy on the drama and the wholesale slaughter of characters we become invested in over multiple seasons. That seems to be the new thing in edgy TV dramas nowadays, namely killing...
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Gal Gadot sets the Stndrd for hotness at the Riddick premiere

Seemed like Vin Diesel was inviting all his acting buddies to the premiere of the new RIDDICK movie the other day. Even his Fast & Furious co-stars were there, like the delectable Gal Gadot . I've got a friend who's absolutely nuts over this woman, going so far as to let out a loud "F*CK YOU" right there in the theater when Gal's character Giselle meets her unfortunate fate at the end of the...
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Audrina Patridge isn't her character from The Hills, is a total hottie

It's a bit of a misleading statement for Audrina Patridge to make in the latest issue of vowel-phobic Stndrd magazine, for according to IMDB she was indeed her character on The Hills. Whatever the case, I knew there had to be a reason for my complete bewilderment as to how Audrina managed to get famous. Finding out her biggest claim to fame is being a member on the mercifully defunct...
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Jennifer Love Hewitt sets a new STNDRD for hotties

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been making me feel like a very lucky punk lately. She feels like a high school crush who broke my heart, went away for several years to talk to ghosts like a crazy person, and then came back into my life to wear lingerie and give me massages. Feels good, man. Let's just hope this story has a happy ending (bud 'em che'). J-Love seems to have noticed the many...
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