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Naya Rivera gussies up for Cosmo Latina

Naya Rivera is sticking to her Latina roots as the current cover model for Cosmo Latina. Sure, she's slathered in makeup that tries to eradicate most of her biracial features, but that's OK as long as the "Glee" actress talks extensively about how she's a Latina in the accompanying interview. "Latinas are really great nurturers who are great to our men; we...
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Jennifer Lawrence is sexy in seedy apartments for Vogue

Jennifer Lawrence is pretty leggy in these images from Vogue Italy's latest issue. I wonder if there's anything interesting to read in all that text. I wouldn't know. I love Italian food, but the language is mostly gibberish to me and my provincial, American ways. Maybe you guys who read Italian can fill the rest of us uncultured folks what the article has to say. Or I can try to interpret...
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