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Christina Milian is all smiles while serving up another great cleavage show

Christina Milian was positively glowing while doing her usual titty show on the streets of LA the other night. She's been looking pretty good lately and obviously by the look of her here, also feeling good. Not that she ever looked bad, but lately it seems like a new vibrancy has come over her, effectively stripping off a few years and giving her this positive glow. Could be Christina is...
5 days ago
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Iskra Lawrence brightens up the night with her adorable thickness

Seems like if you want to get a few snaps of Iskra Lawrence looking hot while out and about, one had better get themselves a flash attachment and get to scouring the posh LA hot spots. For that's where Iskra can be found, showing off them awesome curves to the delight of many an LA asshole who doesn't deserve them. Girl is starting to garner the rewards of having her finger on the pulse of...
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Cassie Cardelle and her magnificent booty bring 138 Water to the streets

If you don't know Cassie Cardelle , suffice it to say that she's one of those many 138 Water models who do such a fine job of making their product seem like something more significant than bottled tap water. Cassie is particularly good at her job there, thanks to what she's got going out the back of her bikinis. I can't say for certain if Cassie's stroll down LA streets in her...
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Will colder temps stop Ariel Winter from showing off the boobs? Nope

Ariel Winter's continued baiting of folks like myself with revealing shots of her ample bosom continues unabated, despite the onset of colder winter weather. Clearly Ariel and her T&A are made of stronger stuff. They can withstand some mildly chilly weather, if it means keeping her boobs firmly set in our collective attention span. I understand her reasoning there. It's the same reason...
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Ariel Winter's monkey had the best view in town

It was the monkey who had the best view of things when ample booty hottie Ariel Winter decided to take a stroll around LA in her requisite tight leggings. I guess it was a little too chilly in the City of Angels for her usual titty show tank top. Not to worry, as it's never too cold for a pair of butt-emphasizing leggings. Ariel is another candidate for 2016 honors this year, having in a...
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Kate Hudson had some trouble keeping her dress parked in the right spot

One of the most admirable character traits of Kate Hudson is her closeness to her parents, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Is there a cooler set of parents and kids around than those 3? So good are they about keeping close that it's nothing for them to show up at a little mom & pop diner downtown LA to catch some grub. It's the sort of place you or I might go on a Sunday morning, only in...
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Hilary Duff keeps on strutting her black clad booty around town

There's something an impending ecological disaster brewing in Southern California, thanks to an extended period of what they've been calling an "exceptional drought" situation. It used to be the whole state was in that boat, but rains farther north have put us in a less than exceptional drought situation, which is another way of saying we're slightly less f*cked for now than they are farther...
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Attention seeker Erika Jordan puts a refreshing new spin on butt jeans

Don't ask me to give you a detailed rundown of Erika Jordan's claims to fame, as I don't recognize any of her stuff. From what I gather, she's an actress and model and sometime porn star who likes to walk down high end streets in LA pretending to be hounded by the paps. It's a ridiculous charade, obviously. However, the more important aspect of the story was Erika doing her thing the other...
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Emma Stone finds your fascination with her ass amusing

Emma Stone's seeming incredulity and amusement over the paps following her and her ass around like hungry dogs, looks like a smokescreen to me. I can't imagine how she could ever divorce herself from her own actions and the fascination of the paps. The fact is that whenever you see her around now she's always got a set of these tights on, which just happen to show off her newly toned ass...
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Why did Emma Roberts cross the road?

We heard some different opinions from some of you on the topic of Emma Roberts in the latest Face Off . Some folks like her and find her hot, some don't like her at all. As is often the case, I tend to fall into the middle ground between those two polarized views. Sometimes I like her as an actress. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I find her hot. Sometimes I don't. She's one...
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Sophie Turner ramps up the red for her Glamourous spread

If Sophie Turner looks a little more red here than normal, it's just for her role as Jean Grey in the currently filming X-MEN: APOCALYPSE out in Montreal, where Sophie was doing a little tight pants street-crossing in a little belly button shirt. Sophie also graces the cover of Glamour Mexico this month, looking a little more naturally redheaded. Seems like the Game of Thrones star has...
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Jennifer Lawrence cloaks her eminent hotness in baggy obscurity

I've noticed a somewhat more paranoid Jennifer Lawrence showing up at events and whatnot lately. You will occasionally see her with body guards and other unidentified people, all quickly ushering her from parked cars into buildings with as little usable camera shot opportunities as possible. I can't blame her for having a certain paranoia toward the media after recent events, but it's good...
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