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Charlotte McKinney takes her unstoppable bikini game to Hawaii

Honestly, if Charlotte McKinney decided to spend the rest of her life in a bikini, I would have absolutely no objections to that plan. While this coral colored number can't top the infamous barely there black bikini she wore in Malibu in summer of 2015, the one thing this version is missing is that bastard Stephen Dorff, who is no longer McKinney's boyfriend. The only thing I wish I could...
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Carmella Rose does what she does best in a series of sexy swimsuits

I'm not sure why it is that all the mid-tier models seem to be engaged in the most exciting imagery. Well, actually I do know why. It's because they're more apt to do the kinds of sultry spreads the companies who hire them know will turn heads and make people notice. I guess the real question is why the bigger names don't seem to draw the eye quite as well as Carmella Rose does for me and...
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Iskra Lawrence is the new thing in British bikini thickness

Despite all the political and social upheaval going on in the UK right now, there's one thing you can always count on the Brits delivering on - super hot women. They specialize in crafting women possessing of ungodly amounts of sex appeal. The latest example of Great Britain's knack for such things is Instagram senstation Iskra Lawrence , seen here doing herself a couple different bikini...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Vida Guerra

I can go ahead and watch clips of Vida Guerra all day long. I'm not kidding people. I can literally sit here for 24 hours and do nothing but watch clips of Guerra. I'm sure a lot of you are with me on that one. So once again the lovely Guerra graces the pages of Hottie Clip of the Day. Today's clip though doesn't come from a movie or television show. No. Today's clip features Guerra...
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Selena Gomez heats things up down Miami way with her tiny, string bikini

Selena Gomez and pretty much every other hot woman on the planet were down in Miami this weekend, wearing an assortment of hot bikinis to the delight of squads of crack paparazzi, peeking over walls with their telephoto lenses so that we might bring you hotties like Selena doing their sun worshiping thing. I generally think ill of those guys when they go too far, but you really have to pat...
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Doutzen Kroes and Adriana Lima both wore bikinis this weekend

A few days ago I did a thing about Doutzen Kroes and Adriana Lima doing a little lingerie contest of sorts with a new round of Victoria's Secret pics. Now they've gone and done an accidental string bikini contest with dueling candid shots, featuring the both of them by the water in sexy bikinis. Who is the winner here? Impossible to tell. They both look equally detectible, though...
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