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Hottie Clip: Shannon Elizabeth in Dish Dogs (2000)

This probably isn't a rare emotion, but I love  Shannon Elizabeth . Starting with the obvious, she portrayed the jaw-dropping Nadia in AMERICAN PIE, which was the closest thing to PORKY'S or FAST TIMES my high school generation ever got. On top of that and everything else, she was one of our very first Hottie Stop interviewees, for which we're...
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Hottie Clip: Camilla Belle in Sundown

Surely you all remember  Camilla Belle , if only for her role in the 2008 horror remake WHEN A STRANGER CALLS. Otherwise, you're likely to at least remember her distinctive eyebrows, which have been rumored to prompt the power of human flight. So where has Camilla been hiding for these past several years? Well, it would seem as though she's taken up a liking for smaller,...
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Hottie Clip: Kate Albrecht and others in Deep in the Valley (2009)

Before he was duking it out with aliens and genetically enhanced monsters, Chris Pratt was typecast as just another one of Hollywood's many "loveable idiots". Lucky for him, however, he didn't wind up suffering some Sean William Scott-esque fate, eagerly awaiting the script for AMERICAN PIE: RETIREMENT HOME. Those familiar with Pratt's work on Parks and...
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Hottie Clip: Julie Michaels in Road House

Movies have a tendency to make even the most mundane career fields look badass, whether it be archeology, law, teaching or even babysitting. One of the most glorified jobs in the movie universe seems to be club security, or "bouncing". If you thought bouncers did nothing more than stand outside of bars playing Candy Crush, you're probably right, but that opinion is bound...
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Hottie Clip: Erica Durance on Smallville

Before the Marvel universe began taking over our television sets, and the singing WB frog finally croaked, there was Smallville . This was during a transitional period where someone could mutter the names "Batman" or "Superman" without a dark cloud forming above them. With the somewhat "disappointing" feedback coming out in regards to...
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Hottie Clip: Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Make It Happen

Surely I can't be the only one around this joint to be at least slightly enthused about seeing 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, and not even for the small possibility of seeing whatever the f*ck this thing is again. No, my excitement stems from something much more, and that's the return of Mary Elizabeth Winstead on the big screen. Whether you're a die-hard fan, a LIVE...
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Top 6 Hottest Funny Women in Movies

You always hear women talk about finding a funny guy kinda hot. There's no reason why a funny woman shouldn't work the same way. Sure, T&A alone will work just fine. However, if the hottie in question can also crack wise and make us laugh, all the better. Here are 6 hotties with humor we find particularly hot. What other hotties work the funny just as well as the sexy?...
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Selena Gomez keeps her hands to herself in her new video

Selena Gomez's quest to make everyone forget they ever fretted over her baby face continues to escalate. Now it's all about the super sexy videos for tracks off her new album. The latest is the video for her song Hands To Myself where Selena is some sort of stalker who invades the home of her "victim" and explores his posh mansion in steadily decreasing degrees of...
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Kick your week off with a bunch Candice Swanepoel ass shots

Leave it to Victoria's Secret most recognizable ass, Candice Swanepoel , to stir up a tropical heat wave this far into the Winter season. There are few things as dependable as the Candice Swanepoel ass shot. A set of photos that doesn't feature a couple shots of her tight tush has yet to be released. So many celebrity babes consciously leave out this important image; it may be...
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Mary Elizabeth Winstead was her usual radiant self for the fashions

Yep, they were really pullin' in the hotties for the fashion week stuff this weekend. Among the many who came out to support their favorite fashion teams was Mary Elizabeth Winstead , who sat dazzled by the display of designer wares on display just like most of her female buddies in the crowd. A surprising amount of ass on MEW here. Looks like she's filled out a little lately. It suits her....
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Hottie Clip: Salma Hayek in Americano

This may seem impossible to believe, but  Salma Hayek  just turned 49-years-old today. "Holy crap" would be an appropriate even if the number was three quarters that size, but you have to believe it when you think of all the memories she's left behind. Salma has kept her career thriving for more than two decades, and she's still consistently...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Tina Fey

As most of you probably know, after 33 years, The Late Show with David Letterman is reaching its bitter end. The gap in his two front teeth will be missed, as will his unrivaled wit when it comes to mediocre comedy. While he may come off as one of the lesser praised talk show hosts when it comes to anyone under 60, there is something sad about knowing he'll soon be gone. Many...
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