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Alessandra Ambrosio takes her reptile fetish to the red carpet

I have absolutely no idea if lingerie model and sometimes actress, Alessandra Ambrosio has an actual fetish for the reptilian world but one must assume that this is at least a little bit the case, considering that she was one of the few people who bothered to show up for the New York premiere of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: OUT OF THE SHADOWS . She also looks happy to be there, seen...
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Victoria Justice has the orange stripey style that all the People want to watch

It's hard to knock her, since she's so pristinely beautiful, but it's nice to know that Victoria Justice is being wise about her spending. While constantly featured here on hotties, Justice honestly hasn't done anything of note since her Nickelodeon show and that's been off the air for a number of years now. She's tried getting her movie career going but it's been a fizzle and that "Eye...
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Katharine McPhee's People's Choice red carpet booty is the fact, Jack

Wasn't I talking about hot how Katharine McPhee is just yesterday? Instead of getting to see her (what I assume is minimally) Shopped in a magazine photoshoot, we get to check out her red carpet arrival hotness in the flesh. McPhee was one of the presenters at the People's Choice Awards last night, where she donned a black and white striped dress and showed off that awesome booty of her....
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I'd love to have Gillian Jacobs & Leighton Meester be my life partners

I like me an indie movie, so I'm going to be checking out what sure sounds like a predictable rom-com starring the great Gillian Jacobs and Leighton Meester , both of whom deliver when it comes to acting out goofy material. The movie, LIFE PARTNERS, is about two co-dependent best friends - one gay, one straight, natch - and "the man that comes between them." Yeah, that doesn't sound like...
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This is about as close to a Taylor Swift upskirt as we're going to get

Taylor Swift is still hoofing around New York right now. It kinda kills me just how good she's been looking over these past two weeks. While still demure because she's Taylor Swift, there's a lot more short skirt action going on then there has been in so many years before and with that stair situation in front of her apartment, I'm sorta surprised we haven't had a paparazzo get a better...
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Annasophia Robb, Nina Dobrev and Willa Holland hit the Upfront CW press junket

AnnaSophia Robb just keeps getting cuter and cuter and hotter and hotter every time I see her dressed up for some event, this time the CW's presentation of what they have coming up on their programming schedule. Have you taken a good look at this girl's eyes? They are mesmerizing. I wish I was so much younger so that I didn't feel so creepy about getting a girl crush on her. Also in...
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