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Alessandra Ambrosio and her equally hot friend stretch their legs

Here's Alessandra Ambrosio strutting her stuff with her very attractive friend. That's very good for the sexy model. Whenever I hang out with my friends, I try and pick the ugliest ones so that I look the best out of all of them. Whenever a group of girls walk by and play the "Would You Rather" game, I'm always their choice. I have very low self esteem. Anyway, take a look at the pics below...

Jessica Alba sure is one hot momma

Jessica Alba is a f*cking pro. Not only is she still looking very sexy, but it looks like she has absolutely no problem dealing with the pesky paparazzi or with people writing articles on her hotness when she's innocently hanging out with the family and her baby. Wait, what? I dunno. It looks like she's having fun at the zoo and drinking her coffee and just being an overall badass...

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