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The many sexy stylings of Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn is making the promotional rounds for the sequel no one wanted, Ride Along 2 . Seeing that it currently sits at an embarrassing 14% on Rotten Tomatoes, perhaps an apology tour would be more befitting. One thing she doesn't have to feel ashamed about is her fashion sense. She's looking supremely fine in a variety of sexually accentuated garb - the thigh high, f#*k me...
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Witness the sexy stylings of Candice Swanepoel

The lovely Victoria's Secret model (whose last name I still can't pronounce), Candice Swanepoel , knows what every hottie should know – how to dress hot. She also knows what everybody else does: you can't go wrong with a mini dress and thigh high boots... ever. It's sexy but tasteful, flashy but conservative; it's the Bee Gees of outerwear; everybody loves it....
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Alicia Vikander is stylishly cute at the Man From Uncle red carpet premiere

Alicia Vikander is having a great year. While her movies from earlier in the year, SEVENTH SON and EX MACHINA might not have been box office smashes (and I don't predict that THE MAN FROM UNCLE will be any different), the lovely lass from Sweden has made a big impact. After gaining critical acclaim for her roles and continually showing up to events looking like a fashion darling, Vikander...
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It's good to see Rachel McAdams smiling again

Finally after more than halfway through the second season of True Detective, and only seeing the usually lovely Rachel McAdams with the sternest of looks, most contemplative of expressions and uttering each syllable for maximum dramatic impact; it was refreshing (and slightly jarring) to be reminded how captivating she can be whilst flashing a grin worthy of promoting the latest enamel...
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My, Abigail Breslin is looking very stylish today

So, maybe it does still feel a little weird to see little Abigail Breslin as a full-fledged eighteen year old woman and acknowledge that she actually is very, very attractive, but I think if I just let go and accept it, it might be a little easier for me to swallow. As I just said, she's beautiful and now that it's totally legal and okay to say these things, I might as well just go...
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Emilia Clarke's beauty is certainly in style

I literally just started GAME OF THRONES last night, so while I have no idea who is what or what is where or where is when or when is why, I really enjoy it. Maybe the fact that my I.Q. is the same number as my age makes shows like GOT a little hard to follow at times, I'm sure I'll catch up. My mom said so. So, whether or not I've seen Emilia Clarke's hotness on the show yet is kind of up...
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Ariana Grande is big on the cuteness at the Annual Style Awards

For the longest time, until the radio and television started putting the ads for her debut album on blast, I honestly did not know that Ariana Grande's last name was pronounced like a menu item at Taco Bell. I figured the E was silent since I had stayed in the aural dark when it came to watching anything she was on which would have pronounced her name. When you look up music through video...
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Katy Perry flawlessly makes them green with envy at the WHCD

While Sarah Palin thought it would be cute to Tweet, slamming the White House Correspondent Dinner as being a "#nerdparty" , I wonder what if from her place she could see just how hot Katy Perry looked as one of the nerds in attendance. This is the Katy that I can't get over, even though I know she looks totally different without the make-up and the hair extensions, etc. I like the glam,...
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